Funny Thing Happened On The Blog Front Today…

So, earlier today, I decide to swan dive into the topic of how I got back into reading, like I have no life, and the inspiration behind my writing. Well..huh..Captian “Lots-a-words” over here is, almost, speechless and she is waaayyy past the point of tears! Umm..Yes, Mrs. Hoover…YOU MADE ME CRY!!! AND, not just cry, but sobbing, hiccups, snot and incoherent sentences cry! My family thinks that I have dove off the deep end and I am bawling because I, finally, (after it taking me all day to get the balls to tell the lady that she got tagged in my blog today, since I really don’t know the rules of this shit and since she is “the shit”, I didn’t know if I could really do such a thing : /) I sent her an email..GLUP!

I was not expecting any kind of prompt response, not that she doesn’t get back to her fans (or by now she probably thinks I am some psycho stalker) but, I was kinda thinkin more along the lines of – maybe I crossed a line? NO! This freakin fantastical woman made my life…minus three points (sorry, with all due respect, my children and my husband really should come first!) Anyway, not only did she comment on MY post, she linked ME to HER blog, she is following MY blog, and…and..and..SHE is following ME!!!!! Colleen Hoover, who has exceeded “Super Hero Worship Status” in my book, is a fan of ME! GAH.. I don’t have enough adjectives (not even made up adjectives) to describe how EFFFING excited I am right now!

Because my mind is a “Butterflying” (her word, not mine) haze right now, all I can come up with is the extremely over used term, EPIC!! This day is EPIC, covered in amaze and awesome sauce and not to mention amaze-balls!!!! (follow’ll get it!)



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