Back To Reality & Stuff…

Back from vacation! Yea! I’m sure I will be posting about our adventures soon, as I have had a few requests to hear about the shenanigans that took place. Most people aren’t overly excited to be home from vacation, but we all know that I am not most people! I was out of my element for a little too long. The only part about coming home that I absolutely hate is the excess laundry! Holy shit, you would have thought we were gone for a damn month with everything that flooded the laundry room floor, not to mention the sheets and towels that I had to get done to do back to the in-laws, right away! BUT, I am happy to say that we got to our house around 4-ish yesterday afternoon and I am on the last load…that is progress! AND, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write, but I got a lot of inspiration!

So, since I decided to jump on the actual computer and check out a few things, I thought that I would try to re-vamp my space a bit. I guess, like this whole blog thing, it’s a trial and error. OOOHHHH… and having said “trial and error” I cannot figure out how to get certain tabs at the top of my page. I would like an “About” one so that I can reiterate a few things. One being this is MY blog! If there are errors, I don’t really care! I don’t follow rules! Once I figure out what the hell it is that I am doing it might be a little better!

Anyone who is following me is more than welcome to e-mail me suggestions. I have seriously thought about checking into seeing of there is a book “Blogging For Dummies”, just to help me out! I appreciate help and I like to chat, so more power to ya!


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