Cream Of The Crop…


Yesterday, I mentioned how I love…our garden”. Above is a picture of what my husband picked on Tuesday night! Even though we have had a serious drought and an excessive heat wave this year, the only veggie that seems to have been affected by the heat and lack of rain, were the green beans. We had a ton, but good ones were few and far between. Luckily, canned veggies last awhile, because we still have plenty left from last season.

The larger tomatoes above are going to, finally, be chopped and made into fresh pico de gallo and cucumber salsa today, and hopefully this weekend, the Romas (smaller, pear shaped ones) will be made into spaghetti or chili sauce.

We seem to be having a great year for our green peppers, hot peppers and cucumbers, as well. Normally, I would have already been making pickles, but we can’t seem to get enough smaller ones at the same time. (This is saddening, because my homemade garlic dill refrigerator pickles are amazing..or so I’ve been told!) Oh well, cucumbers go fast around here with the kids!

Every year we seem to try to plant something different than we have in the past, and this year my husband chose watermelons. We have done canteloupe, squash (which no one here eats), and other viney things, but they never really did much. I haven’t really been out to look, but he says the watermelons are doing well and the girls are really excited about them!

The thing I love most about the whole gardening thing is..first, it reminds me of when I was young and being at my grandparents house. They had a big garden and when we were running around in the back yard we would grab a bean or two, or pea pods, or whatever and keep on playing. My husbands grandparents had gardens, too, which was more inspiration. Secondly and mainly, it is an awesome learning experience for our girls. They see their food grow in the backyard and get
to see the processes we go through to make it into a meal. For being 11 & 9, they know when the proper time is to pick things just by looking at them and feeling them! And the best part…they eat their veggies!

Ok..enough rambling about the veggies! I have to do something with them now!

Sorry for errors…this ones posted from my handheld lifeline a.k.a. my phone!


4 responses to “Cream Of The Crop…

    • Thanks! Usually he plants about 8 plants. The green peppers have been bigger and more abundant this year as well. We usually have issues with our onions getting to a decent size before August ,(because my great-grandma always told my grandma that “you never let the August sun shine on your onions…and you were always better off listening to her guidance!) but this year we actually yielded quite a bit before the tops fried off! Hard work is yet to come with our 100 or so hills of potatoes! The girls like this “treasure hunt”!

      • Very nice indeed! My mom has been having trouble with her onions too because she’s been fighting with invasive Star of Bethlehem bulbs in that section. They’re not giving the onions enough room to develop. Would be in heaven if I had that many potatoes! I wanted to grow some this year, but I ran out of room on my apartment balcony. Lol.

      • I am quite positive he would have more hills if we had more room! We live in town, with a decent sized yard, so it works out well. We get more than enough taters as it is! He’s the “go big or go home” kinda guy! Everything has to be just a bit bigger than actually planned! Funniest thing? The only person in the house that actually eats raw tomatoes, is our oldest daughter! We have around 40 plants, between the Romas and whatever other ones he decided to try this year! But, they make good homemade sauce!

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