Dreams…and not the future and goals type.

This entry is brought to you courtesy of my caffeine depraved morning fog. This, for the poor souls that have to bear with me first thing in the a.m., can be considered downright scary.

It is almost 10 am and I haven’t had my first full cup..the gears need oiling and I feel like I slept face down in a sand box. All I can see are the vividly, real dreams I was stuck in. Stuck as in I know they are dreams and I consciously tell myself to wake up, but my subconscious thinks I need to see these things…three quarters of the time, they scare the shit out of me. I am “one of those people” that think/know dreams have meaning. I have looked up my dreams on several occasions, had repeat dreams (that have all ended up leaving me one less loved one and completely confused) and they all relate to what’s going on in my life, how I feel about my self, or are some freakin psycho/psychic premonition of doom. Not one has ever resulted in happiness.

The main thing I do not understand about all of it is, how can a person dream so vividly of a person they have never met or of places they have never seen or been? I honestly think this has something to do with my insomnia. I mean, who really wants to go to sleep knowing what’s waiting there?! My husband, of the little bits I’ve told him, says maybe it has to do with all the books I read. If that were the case, I would be having happy dreams, I think!

This is so frustrating and has ruined my morning. All I keep seeing is beyond crazy shit and when I have these kind of dreams it zaps most of my energy. I feel like a bus wreck. I don’t think this is normal! Any suggestions as to how to drag my mind away from this crap?!


Sorry for errors…this ones posted from my handheld lifeline a.k.a. my phone!


7 responses to “Dreams…and not the future and goals type.

  1. If I eat anything an hour or less before going to sleep I have whacky dreams! That’s my advice: “don’t eat popcorn and chocolate before snoozing!” Lol! Nan

    • Well, I only crave chocolate at certain times..and it’s usually the middle of the night if I do! Not a huge chocolate fan. I can’t eat before bed anyway. I have had this dream “issue” since I can remember! First dream that I looked up, because I was old enough that it freaked me out, turned out meaning of “death in the family”, was when I was about 12. I have had that same exact dream, on four different occasions, and within a week there has been death…and it’s always someone close. I know it sounds stupid and completely, certifablely crazy. I’m superstitious about a lot of things actually! I would rather wait and reset a clock going only forward, when a lot of people just use the rewind button on a digital clock or turn the knob backward on a regular clock! I have been up for hours now, but I’m still feeling physically drained! Crazy.

      • I know what you mean, Liss. I am a rebellious, overachiever which means I have to work harder than most to excel and I also tend to buck the system.. So I frequently feel in adequate. Most of my dreams are about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Example; Leaving my class room full of students to walk across the school to get something.
        I had a long convoluted dream two days ago that I still remember vividly. I came across the house where I lived as a child. I knocked on the door, met all the people inside, (and you’re right, can still see all their faces tho I have never met them in real life.) We had a lovely conversation until I realized it wasn’t really the house where I grew up! I always end up feeling foolish. When I left there, I came across the one room school house where I went to school. (All 8 grades in one room and it has since been torn down.) But in the dream, it was no longer a white clapboard structure but was transformed into this grey, very ornate, almost European shrine.
        I used to have repetitive dreams as a child where I walked across a park covered in leaves and the teacher kept telling me to be quiet which was impossible because the leaves made so much noise when I stepped on them. And there was this loud bell tolling……I would wake up standing on my bed screaming! Again, not living up to expectations!
        I have also had a few dreams that did portray the future. In one, there was a bed-ridden young man with art on his walls. One piece was a close up of an eye in great detail….It was about 3 inches tall and about 11 inches wide and the eye on the far left hand side. (the rest was blank) A few weeks later I went to the Greenwich Village Fair, and there it was! There were a stack of them as handouts. The eye on the left and the rest of it was text, the artist’s information. I can still see it!
        I don’t know where dreams come from but normally I can tie them to something I’ve seen recently. Others are a mystery. Wish they would invent something so I could record my dreams on a DVD to play back later.
        I do think my feelings, like yours, have something to do with feeling inadequate. Or being the rebel and getting caught. Because I don’t think like everyone else. I may be old enough not to let these dreams bother me throughout the day because I have lived with them for so long.

  2. PIxie..From what I have researched on some of the dreams, they all lead to the feeling of inadequacies. Apparently, I feel this way whether I am awake or asleep. I don’t feel that I am, in any way, an overachiever..just the opposite actually. I don’t feel as if I have done my part of what I have ever set out to do, because I usually end up at a metaphorical fork in the road. I am rebellious, in my own way. I, too, don’t think like most people! I always break things down immediately, paying attention to the tone of a conversation, trying to decipher exactly what is and is not being said. I have never been one to fit in in any one particular place and I have a habit of breaking at least one rule, in most situations. I, also, have a habit of keeping myself closed off to a lot of people. Example: After nearly 13 years, Brice never knew of my writing interest. I will only let certain people in..I think it’s a trust issue. Not that I don’t trust, Bub, because I do..I just have a fear of letting anyone read anything I write!

    I have a lot of dreams that are of my house, but the house isn’t the one I live in. I have had multiple dreams of a house has several sections to it, but are closed off. In these dreams I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with the space. It is always the same house and it always looks the same. Some of them are wild and crazy and I wake up thinking “where the hell did that come from!” Well, I guess I’m usually thinking that, but those really crazy ones make me shake my head and wonder that is wrong with me! lol..

    About your dream with the art piece..that gave me the goosebumps! Did you buy it? I probably would have, just because of the dream and a feeling of knowing that you were supposed to actually see it or have it! Creepy and cool all at once! Side note: I LOVE one room school houses! I love old buildings and learning the history behind them. Funny.. I hated history in school, but I like it now!

    I guess the reason why they bother me as much as they do, is because when they are really intense, I am drained all day. It’s good to know that someone I know, knows how I feel! ❤

  3. Dreams all mean something. Therapeutically it is your unconscious becoming conscious. I’ve done some research into dreams…and and part of training to be a therapist it is something that I have learned that can be a useful therapeutic tool. There’s an exercise you can do to take yourself more deeply into your dreams…I’d be happy to talk about it with you if you like.

    Sometimes unfamiliar places can feel familiar in our dreams. It could be a couple of things. It could be something that your unconscious has created…or it could be a place that you have been to before…in a past life. I know it sounds a little out there. And that is because IT IS. You seem like an old soul to me and this probably is not your soul’s first rodeo so to speak.

    P.S. I love that you have started a blog. Keep it up sister.

    • Ha! My head could be useful for researching a lot of head issues! I don’t think past lives and all that are “way out there” at all. I’m very open minded about all of that stuff and believe it to be true. I wouldn’t mind talking about anything dream related! Some of them are truly horrible. I feel drained after them. I don’t always remember all of them, but I try to write them down when I can.

      Thanks for the blog encouragement! You can e-mail me about the dream stuff if you want! Use the one on my FB page!

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