Cream Of The Crop…


Yesterday, I mentioned how I love…our garden”. Above is a picture of what my husband picked on Tuesday night! Even though we have had a serious drought and an excessive heat wave this year, the only veggie that seems to have been affected by the heat and lack of rain, were the green beans. We had a ton, but good ones were few and far between. Luckily, canned veggies last awhile, because we still have plenty left from last season.

The larger tomatoes above are going to, finally, be chopped and made into fresh pico de gallo and cucumber salsa today, and hopefully this weekend, the Romas (smaller, pear shaped ones) will be made into spaghetti or chili sauce.

We seem to be having a great year for our green peppers, hot peppers and cucumbers, as well. Normally, I would have already been making pickles, but we can’t seem to get enough smaller ones at the same time. (This is saddening, because my homemade garlic dill refrigerator pickles are amazing..or so I’ve been told!) Oh well, cucumbers go fast around here with the kids!

Every year we seem to try to plant something different than we have in the past, and this year my husband chose watermelons. We have done canteloupe, squash (which no one here eats), and other viney things, but they never really did much. I haven’t really been out to look, but he says the watermelons are doing well and the girls are really excited about them!

The thing I love most about the whole gardening thing is..first, it reminds me of when I was young and being at my grandparents house. They had a big garden and when we were running around in the back yard we would grab a bean or two, or pea pods, or whatever and keep on playing. My husbands grandparents had gardens, too, which was more inspiration. Secondly and mainly, it is an awesome learning experience for our girls. They see their food grow in the backyard and get
to see the processes we go through to make it into a meal. For being 11 & 9, they know when the proper time is to pick things just by looking at them and feeling them! And the best part…they eat their veggies!

Ok..enough rambling about the veggies! I have to do something with them now!

Sorry for errors…this ones posted from my handheld lifeline a.k.a. my phone!

Love and Loathe…

This is a list compiled in my brain about..well, read the title! I use the word “loathe”  because I think “hate” is a strong word and “loathe” is a much better term for most of these things! Believe me, I have no problem using the term “hate” when it comes to something I dislike with a fiery passion, but not here with these things. This is an entry that will be on going.. I plan on adding to it as time goes by. The entries are in no particular order, either. Enjoy! ** When I add to a topic, or pick up where I left off, I will mark it with an asterisk.**

I love…my girls! While this admission should make another person shout “no shit?”, my intention is to explain exactly why! I feel that there is not not one word in the English vocabulary to define how deep a mothers love runs for their children, nor is there a point that a mother is ever going to love their child(ren) less. My girls may think that I am the meanest person they have ever encountered…I am pretty sure at this point our 11 year-going on-30 year old thinks that I hate her…Our 9 year old, well, one never really can tell what she thinks, she marches to the beat of her own drum…Yes, they may drive me bat-shit crazy most days, but that does not mean that I love them any less. Nothing makes me happier than to see them smile, hear them laugh, watch them excel, and see them succeed in something they have put their minds to. They are both beautiful, intelligent, young women that have made me so absolutely proud to be their mother.

I love…My Husband! One of the best quotes that I have every read was “The best thing a father can do for his daughter, is love her mother”. For the last thirteen years he has done  just that. I am not an easy person to live with, some days, but he still comes home to me. He has stuck by me through thick and thin and at the worst points in my life he has been there to show me and remind me of the important things. He may piss me off to no end, as well, but we both know that we aren’t going anywhere and everything will eventually work out. He is hard working and busts his ass to make sure that “his girls” have what they need. He is an amazing father, an excellent husband, a best friend and a lot of people don’t give him enough credit. There is a huge difference between “love” and being “in love”. Not only do I love this man, but after all this time I am still in love with him as well. As for the quote..he is doing exactly what it says and whether he or the girls know it now, he is showing them daily what they should look for in a man when they grow up…Loving their mother unconditionally and that is a lot more that what a lot of kids their age have.

I love…My dad! I may get emotional here! I don’t think I have ever really told my dad exactly how I feel about him, but I can only hope that my feelings of adoration are conveyed properly when I am around him. I see my parents often. We only live a few streets away. My dad is kind of like a super hero to me, in a way! I know that sounds silly and girly, but I am not imagining my dad in a cape flying in to save the day! He has taught me a lot over the years and he has always been there for me when I have needed him. I really think that he is the only person in my life that truly understands my emotional self and he has always been supportive. We may not sit down and have heart to hearts, or whatever, but I know that if I needed to get something out, he would be there to listen to me and help. He is where I get my sarcastic, witty, laid back personality and the red hair and freckles. He is the reason that I love motorcycles and dirt bikes, I can check oil in my car, know where car parts and motorcycle parts are properly located and what they do (if on the off chance I ever felt like taking a motorcycle apart?!) I can change a flat tire (if I wanted to..but I keep him and the hubby around for that!), I know what tools are (and if you get them out of his tool box you better make damn sure they go back to their assigned location!). He loves vintage motocross, bought our oldest daughters first motorcycle before she was even born, and rebuilt it in the basement! He had her on that bike shortly after she told her dad and I that she wanted the training wheels off of her bicycle when she was three..yes, my little girl was riding a motorcycle by herself at three!  He walked/jogged beside her on that bike until she got the hang of it and the smile on his face that day was priceless! Of course, she had been on countless rides with Grampy before then, around the yard. We didn’t let our youngest on a bike until she was about seven…she is our rambunctious one and the idea reeked of disaster until then. There is so much more I could say about the amazing guy I get to call my dad, but I will stop the rambling and just say that I am thankful that I have him in my life and that is is a kind, loving father and grandfather.

I love…My mom! Well, we knew this was coming, obviously! Ok, well my mom and I don’t always see eye to eye and we tend to disagree more than agree. I chalk this one up to, we are more alike than what we’d like to admit! We really do get along for the most part. We talk daily and like I said we see each other often. We disagree mostly, when I am in a bad mood she tends to get defensive, like she’s the one that made me mad, or on the disciplining of my children! Funny, huh? I guess you could say I don’t use the standard approach to disciplining my girls. Due to the fact I usually can’t help what flies out of my mouth, I usually have a smart-assed comment/threat. My mom does not find these as amusing as I do. The threats have recently included, “if you don’t knock it off, I’m gonna Gorilla Glue your hands together and mouth shut”, this one is usually reserved for the 9 year old that is a constant chatterbox and likes to interrupt. It makes her stop talking, it makes me laugh (mostly, because it is a funny thought, and I know I would never do it) but, my mom has to say “now why would you say that?”..then ensues argument. Really, mother, I have no intention of harming my children. They don’t even get spanked! Hence, the reason their mouths run like ducks asses and they think they can keep doing what they are doing! Oh, well.. I will get this figured out one of these days! Now that Captain Sidetrack has left and I have returned, I really do look up to my mom, as well, and she has helped me through a lot. I know that if I call or go to her I not only have my mom, but a friend to be there for me. You are never too old for a hug from your mom, to make you feel better! She watched our girls for us while I went to Barber School and while we both worked. I am and will be forever grateful for my mama.

Okay..enough mushy for a minute!

I loathe…many things about entering the bathroom!

First, I will start with..toilet paper. In a house with one man and three girls, the toilet paper needs to be changed often. I seem to be the only person that feels that it is necessary for it to be on the holder. Hmm, amazing concept one had there when inventing that! Sometimes, I do not put it on the roll after I have had to twist and turn myself into a pretzel formation to see where the last user has set it. This is only because I am testing theories..ones that I have completed are…I am no more brain damaged after putting it on the holder than I am setting it back on the floor, or on the back of the toilet, or on the sink, or JUST NOT GETTING ANOTHER ROLL OUT AT ALL! I have, also, come to the conclusion that it does not pain me in any way to put it on the holder and throw the empty one away, as the garbage is right next to the toilet. Putting the new roll on does not make the new roll spontaneously combust, does not make the bathroom go on full lock down, or, make you suddenly get sucked into the toilet and spit out into an alternate dimension. So, I’m really trying to figure out what the deal is with that.

Second… If you are the only guy in the house and you are the last one to use the bathroom before bed..PUT THE DAMN SEAT DOWN! I do not appreciate a cold wet ass when I have to get up to go in the middle of the night, since I don’t turn on the light!

Third…We have a shower curtain for a reason..Make sure it’s shut when you are showering (small children) because I do not particularly like slipping and sliding across the bathroom floor!

Fourth..Toothpaste is not finger paint. If it falls off of your toothbrush, find something to rinse it down with. Please, do not stick your fingers in it, in an attempt to make it go away! That being said, it does not belong on the walls either!

I loathe…Picking up garbage that is left on the kitchen table or, more so, set on the counter next to the garbage can. It is with in arms reach, you do not even need to look…extend arm and drop! This too has not caused me any bodily harm. This specific “loathe” is one that just irritates me to no end and I am pretty sure that it is exactly the reason it happens!

I loathe…Being misunderstood. If I am to say something in a conversation, whether verbal or written, and you aren’t picking up what I’m putting out..please, by all means ask me to clarify. I will. I would rather answer a few more questions to get my point across, than to have some one misconstrue what I was saying to begin with.

I loathe…When I go through all the trouble and spend most of the day preparing and cooking a meal…and no one eats. 

I loathe…Drama. I have dealt with my fair share of drama and I know there is more to come, having two daughters. As for other adults, check your shit at the door before you walk through. We don’t want it here. I’m not afraid to tell you what to do with it either.

I love…Green olives on pizza. (Bet ya can’t guess what I’m eating?)

I love…My best friend. Some days she knows me better than I do. We haven’t always been the “best” of friends, but we have always had a bond. I remember the first day we met on a school bus!  There has always been something that has drawn us together. We don’t need to talk everyday, although we try to, and we don’t really even need to be in front of each other to know if something is wrong. We have thought this over and come up with some theories. Not all of which are wild and crazy..just some. We seem to think that we were somehow related or were soul-mates in a past life. Yes, Steph, I am laughing as I type this business about is really about the only thing we can think of that can explain the love we feel for each other. Now that that cat is outta the bag (still lmao) She is my one of my biggest cheerleaders and has always navigated me in the right direction. Believe me, she has to be part angel for the fact that she still hangs around after some of my less than stellar moments in life! But, she has let me be a part of the best moments of hers. While, obviously being physically present, at the birth of my children, although the first one I was so hopped up my brain was at a baseball game and could only see purple and the second, I was fighting with the anesthesiologist to take the damn oxygen mask off my face so I could throw up (yeah, labor and I don’t get along), I got to be there to witness the birth of her beautiful girls. It is so strange to feel the emotions of someone else. When she was scared, I felt scared..when she felt pain, I felt pain. When she felt joy, I felt that, too..but, I obviously had a different level emotions with the second one. I was asked to cut her umbilical cord..did as asked..then proceeded to the nearest exit for your run-of-the mill, 4 am, hospital parking lot melt down! No words exchanged! I felt like an ass after I calmed down and went back up to the room, but when you know your about to have an epic emotional moment, like heaving sobs, and ugly one needs to be around for that! I probably would have been admitted to a different floor! See, I am the queen of getting side tracked! **Anyway, she is one of the greatest people that I have ever known. She is beautiful -inside and out-, fun, caring, loving, and always willing to lend a hand. I feel blessed to have her in my life. Our relationship has proved that you do not have to share the same DNA, to be sisters.**

I love…Our garden. Well, it is actually my husbands garden. He plants everything and picks most things and I cook it! He actually does some of the “cooking” too though, because he is the master canner! He likes canning the veggies, creating sauces and canning them, too. It is fun and our girls really like it. **This year we have the usual yukon and red potatoes, green beans, red, yellow, and white onions, three kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, salsa peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, we tried lettuce-it didn’t work, and watermelons. I feel like I’m leaving something out..Oh asparagus! All are doing well, except the green beans, but you can read about that in my entry “Cream of the Crop..”


**I love…My brother. Like I said in the beginning, these are in no particular order! I only have one brother and, like I stated before, we aren’t a really emotionally expressive family. My brother and I butt heads quite a bit, but what he doesn’t know is that I look up to him and I am really proud of him. He has done well for himself by going to school and meeting the goals that he has set out to achieve. He has confidence in himself and a sense of self-assured-ness, that I wish that I had. I have never been able to really “come out of my shell” and be completely comfortable with myself, but he has this down to a science! I admire these qualities in him, but his “my way or the highway attitude” gets on my nerves every once in a while! (It really does, but we would all think there was something wrong with him if it didn’t make its occasional appearance!) I am more than sure that there are plenty of things that I do that get on his nerves, but that’s just how it goes right?! We still love each other just the same and I will always have fond memories of… teaching him his ABC’s (yes, I really do remember this) playing in boxes that mom brought home from work, outside with our slushies from Okey-Dokey, wearing insanely goofy sunglasses, his Kawasaki bicycle that I got really pissed when he wouldn’t let he have a turn, his blue jean jacket that he seemed to have to wear everywhere, riding our bikes on “the big cement”, him letting me play baseball with him and his friends (he always says it was because they needed an extra player, but we all knew that I had a hell of an arm for a girl and I wasn’t afraid to get hit…well, except that one line drive to the shin/ankle when I was pitching, but I lived!), fighting over baseball cards, him teaching, or trying rather, me to drive a stick shift (some of the funniest shit ever!), the first time I rode the “super poochy” by myself and almost hit the neighbors garage…there are tons as we got older since we are so close in age and we had mutual friends, but I will stop being nostalgic! Oh wait, I have to add this one just in case he happens to read this! The one night we worked together at Subway and he didn’t realize I was helping a customer and was on the other side of the half wall, loudly making noises like a motorcycle shifting gears, while he played with the food scale!! HAHA.. his face was so red when he looked up at the register to see a customer standing there! Ooh man, anyway you look at it, I love my brother to pieces and wouldn’t trade him for the world! Thank you for being there for me when I have needed you, for bringing Liz into our family and blessing us with a gorgeous niece and one handsome little nephew.

I love…Reading. I am more than obsessed with books. I love being able to pick up a book and connect with the characters.  Reading is relaxing for me. It has become, like, some sort of mental release…I just zone out of my reality and into whatever I’m reading. I love Indie authors! I understand that all authors put a lot of time and effort into their work, but I have a different sort of respect for self published, independent authors. Most that I have read, I have had not only a connection with the characters, but felt a connection to the author. Some people don’t understand it, but I figure there are worse things I could be doing with my time! I actually get to meet one of my favorite authors, in September, and a few others that I am a big fan of! I am pretty excited about this actually..I can’t wait! I would like to start a side blog where I can review the books I read. This one might get neglected then, though!


***I love…Writing.  I have a couple notebooks in which I write.  I keep a journal, which helps me quite a bit.  It has always been easiest for me to get what I need to say or what I am feeling out on a piece of paper.  The journal is my private space to vent.  The front page includes a “death threat” (lol), stating that I do not want anyone reading it at all.  When you are a mom you rarely have anything that is “just yours” and that is mine!  I also like to dabble in poems and short stories.  I don’t like to let people read those either, because I feel that some of them are quite personal and people like to jump to conclusions (I loathe…when people jump to conclusions ).  Although, this week, I did share two poems with my bestie and (even though she would praise me and tell me the most wonderful things about myself to make me feel better..) her response was really encouraging.  I feel that if I keep up with it, they can only get better!

I love…That when my daughter asked me what Lit/Comp meant, on her class schedule for 6th grade, she got extremely excited! She said “Oh! It’s a writing class?! I said “Basically, yeah.  It’s Literature and Composition.” She said “I love writing.  That is so cool!”  I can’t tell you how happy that made me.  I know that she loves to write!  I am constantly picking up paper all over the house (that’s a loathe, by the way) that she has tossed aside while making up short stories!  I love that we have that in common!



I just wanted to let you guys know that I will not always be posting links to my blog on Facebook. I may put some up on there every once in a while, but the little ladies will be going back to school soon and I plan on spending a little more time on here and doing what I actually set out to do in the first place. There is a button to click, on the side bar of my page,  that will let you get updates via e-mail when I post. I figure, it has to be a conscious effort on your part as well if you want to play along!

I know I have already said this, but many thanks to all of you that do follow and leave the occasional comment. It really does mean the world to me!

And, thanks to the fellow bloggers that have stumbled across my page and decided to follow! I am glad you have because I, in turn, follow you and learn!

Have a good day everyone!



Stroke of Luck?

I’m not sure if I should go buy a lotto ticket right now or just wait for the inevitable shit storm that is obviously brewing, since it seems that I will not be getting arrested today afterall. I’m kinda liking the fact that I don’t have a record!

Here’s what happened…

A few weeks ago, I got the survey in the mail for Jury Duty. I have had to do this once already and it didn’t work out so well for me. Anyway, I fill it out, send it back, then end up with the summons in the mailbox, shortly there after. GREAT! Not looking forward to this at all, but I put the summons aside where I will find it and mark my mental calendar.

That’s where things go bad! It seems that my 9 yr old has a better mental calendar than I do. This month has flown by so fast, I really haven’t paid attention to actual dates. Malerie, on the other hand, knows the dates for everything! (hopefully she retains this affinity for remembering dates as she gets older..that will be helpful in History and English classes. God knows she can’t remember anything I ask her to do for me!)

So, when was Alissa supposed to report for Jury Duty? According to the summons, 8 am on Monday, July 23! Yeah, that would be today! Mal rolls out of bed and the third thing she tells me is,  “You have Jury Duty today, mom. What time are you supposed to be there?” Me (after a colorful string of cuss words, that I try really hard not to use in front of my children, as I’m flying off of the kitchen chair to find the evil summons) “8 am”. Madelynn (11) “Umm..don’t you get arrested if you don’t show up?” (Shut up, Madelynn, shut up! Your knowledge of this part is not helping my nerves any!)

Me -doing a lot of “shhoosh-ing” and fast dialing, meanwhile trying to assure myself and my kids that I’m not going to the pokey today..finally gets ahold of the lady at the Jury Commission. I explain to the woman, who definitely did not sound thrilled or impressed that I, an adult, just confessed to not knowing what date it was, that I was supposed to be there and honestly forgot. She asks for my ID #..I read it off.. and her tone changes to one of pleasure when she informs me that I was one of the Jurors that didn’t have to report today. I continue to thank her as she begins to laugh..yep, this woman is laughing at me and thinking I am, quite possibly, one of the biggest mental midgets in Winnebago County!

See, if I would have remembered this was going down today, I would have known I didn’t have anything to worry about, because I would have been informed last night when I was supposed to have called the phone number!

So, now I’m wondering if I should play up my luck – since, normally I don’t have any, or lock everyone in the house and not answer the phone or doors, because something is bound to make my day turn to crap!

Oh, wait…kids just walked in and ones crying already! Here we go!

Sorry for errors…this ones posted from my handheld lifeline a.k.a. my phone!

Hey You…

Yeah, you! You kind, gracious folks that are following me! Can you do me a favor, please? There are a lot of e-mail addresses I don’t recognize, and that is fine, I don’t care if you would like to remain nameless to me! Oooh, and other boggers, that are far cooler than I will ever be! I am just more than ecstatic that I have followers…What I would love to know is, and this WILL help me in more ways than you could ever understand, what drew you to my blog? Why are you following me? What would you like to see in here? It isn’t much yet, but I’m working on it..getting the feel for it..letting people in. It will probably be much easier when the little ladies go back to school and I can spend more time on it. If you guys could comment and let me know, I will be forever grateful! Seriously, there could be cookies or something involved for some of you! *If all else fails, bribe ’em with sweets!*



Umm..NOT helping much? Lack of participation has me wanting to throw a temper tantrum! This could be disturbing on many levels, for those who have to witness it! I will sit quietly a little longer..but, it only gives me time to stew! (evil laughing is never good)

I Do Not Regret To Inform You…

I do not regret to inform you that the final decision was made last Friday, before our trip, that Mr. Weenie had to go. I know, I know, I have already heard the groans about Facebook and Twitter updates regarding the dog, but it was way. past. time. I’m sorry if you don’t find me interesting enough to keep as a friend due to the fact that there will be no more #NotoriousMrWeenieStrikesAgain posts! lol..I will try to find something equally as amusing! The girls were upset at first, but I think they have realized that life has been a hell of a lot easier this past week. The girls both caught some flack from friends because “he was just a puppy”, “he didn’t know better”, “give him more time”, blah, blah, blah. Well, I’m sorry, they don’t understand the fact that inbred imbecile cost us a shit ton of money!

I am excited to know that I can now open the door for company without wondering where he is and if he is going to get out and run the neighborhood like a raped ape. I can replace the mini blinds on the windows that he chewed through because we were not courteous enough to open them before we left so he could see out. I don’t have to worry about putting the garbage up, pushing chairs in, or forgetting to our shoes on the porch so that he can’t eat them. FUN FACT: Last summer alone, that moron ate at least 10 pair of flip-flops…and when I say he ate them, that means that he decimated them into tiny little bits then proceeded to struggle to poop colorful logs on the front lawn. I know, it all could have been avoided if we would have remembered they were out, but flip flops were the last thing on my mind as I was cleaning up his other messes!

The final straw was the Saturday before, I forgot to put the garbage up before I left for my daughters softball game. I had a ton of things on my mind and just plain forgot. Silly me, right? Well, I had thrown away a chicken carcass after making chicken salad (kick ass by the way!), he tipped the garbage over and ATE IT ALL! The bones and everything. I swear he has 9 lives because that wasn’t the first time he had done it and aren’t dogs supposed to choke on chicken bones? I was not informed of this go round with the garbage until the next day, since the hubby and kids came home before I did and picked up what mess was left. I did ask what died on the kitchen floor since there was a large spot that no one cleaned up, but I didn’t get an answer on that one. Nope, I got to find out the hard way when the dog had the raging runs and was throwing up the next day! Fun Fun! Just how anyone wants to spend their up dog puddles! Anyway, we had finally just had enough of his constant messes. Our kids were never into as many things as he was when they were little! BUT, on a bright note for those who may be concerned about his well-being, we believe he has already been adopted and hopefully he is with a family with a fence! Bright note for me? I haven’t had to clean up a pile of dog crap off the living room floor in a little over a week!

Back To Reality & Stuff…

Back from vacation! Yea! I’m sure I will be posting about our adventures soon, as I have had a few requests to hear about the shenanigans that took place. Most people aren’t overly excited to be home from vacation, but we all know that I am not most people! I was out of my element for a little too long. The only part about coming home that I absolutely hate is the excess laundry! Holy shit, you would have thought we were gone for a damn month with everything that flooded the laundry room floor, not to mention the sheets and towels that I had to get done to do back to the in-laws, right away! BUT, I am happy to say that we got to our house around 4-ish yesterday afternoon and I am on the last load…that is progress! AND, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write, but I got a lot of inspiration!

So, since I decided to jump on the actual computer and check out a few things, I thought that I would try to re-vamp my space a bit. I guess, like this whole blog thing, it’s a trial and error. OOOHHHH… and having said “trial and error” I cannot figure out how to get certain tabs at the top of my page. I would like an “About” one so that I can reiterate a few things. One being this is MY blog! If there are errors, I don’t really care! I don’t follow rules! Once I figure out what the hell it is that I am doing it might be a little better!

Anyone who is following me is more than welcome to e-mail me suggestions. I have seriously thought about checking into seeing of there is a book “Blogging For Dummies”, just to help me out! I appreciate help and I like to chat, so more power to ya!

Busy, busy..

It’s been a little bit, so I just wanted to drop in here and let y’all know I’m still alive! Slightly crispy, tired, but kickin! We had a good 4th. As always, we go to my parents house before the parade starts and the bloody marys are a flowin! The parade route is a block down from their house, so we can just walk without having to search for a place to park. We usually do a cook there, too, after we hang around most of the day and ingest a beer or two, too many! This year we came home, cooked out with our great friends, and just kinda relaxed in the air as much as possible, since we have seemed to have landed ourselves in the middle of hell, weather wise! It has been 70+ years since we have seen heat and heat indices like this. It’s not cool! (literally)

This week has just been non stop with us buying a car, the holiday, and getting ready for our family vacation. Luckily, the weather shows it is going to be in the 80’s during the day and lows in the 60’s at night, where we are going. This is my favorite part…sleeping with a fan in the window on cool night in the north woods! Of course, I love being eaten alive by horse flies at the lake and sand everywhere, too…I mean, what parent doesn’t?! Anyway, I can’t wait to go, relax, have coffee on the deck, read, write, and spend time with family and great friends!

Here’s hoping we don’t see any bears this time! ; )

Have a great weekend!

Sorry for errors…this ones posted from my handheld lifeline a.k.a. my phone!

Just to let ya in on a little something…

If you have read anything of mine since yesterday, you know that I started writing again (on paper) because of inspiration. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I don’t have issues posting status updates there, but that is because they are just general nonsense like everyone else posts. I realize that re-posting of some pics or sayings or whatever-have-ya-not gets a little annoying, but they obviously tickled my fancy, so whatever..I really don’t care if ya don’t like it. It’s not that hard to scroll past mine like you do everyone elses! This blog was started so that I could share feelings, opinions, and stories about what goes on in my daily life..this is a BIG leap for me. Here’s why…

I am not really what you would call an open and trusting person. I used to be. I got burned a few too many times for being the nice guy, so I decided keeping to myself was a better option. I’m sure plenty of people can relate. Putting myself and my words out here into cyberspace is a big deal for me because I have never really had much of a self-esteem. Even after all the words of encouragement to do this, I really didn’t know if it was a good idea. Low self-esteem and rejection don’t mix well. Putting myself out here in cyberspace is permanent. Anyone can see this. This scares the shit out of me because I am no longer limiting myself to my little social circle that I feel comfortable with. These posts are thoughts directly from my head and what is funny about this, is that the people who read my blog are going to end up knowing me better than the people that know me on the other side of this keyboard. Why? Because you are taking the time! I have heard a lot in my time “oh, I never knew that about you!” Well, really? Huh..ya didn’t really take a minute to give two shits, so I’m sorry if I felt it wasn’t necessary to inform you! I am not going to waste my breath on people who aren’t going to stick around…It only took me 31 years to get that figured out!

Anyway, the point of this is that my self-confidence has boosted since I started this. I never thought that I would start a blog, have 149 people view it in one day, most of them I don’t know, people from other countries (yes, this seriously blew my mind!), likes, comments and referrals from people I don’t know, and have one of my favorite authors comment and follow me. It is a little overwhelming and a whole lotta exciting! Even on days that I haven’t posted anything, people have looked! This, I think is so cool and I want to thank all of you who have read, liked, and/or followed, because this is helping me feel better about myself a little at a time. It is encouraging me to keep moving forward with this and makes it a little less scary for me!


Funny Thing Happened On The Blog Front Today…

So, earlier today, I decide to swan dive into the topic of how I got back into reading, like I have no life, and the inspiration behind my writing. Well..huh..Captian “Lots-a-words” over here is, almost, speechless and she is waaayyy past the point of tears! Umm..Yes, Mrs. Hoover…YOU MADE ME CRY!!! AND, not just cry, but sobbing, hiccups, snot and incoherent sentences cry! My family thinks that I have dove off the deep end and I am bawling because I, finally, (after it taking me all day to get the balls to tell the lady that she got tagged in my blog today, since I really don’t know the rules of this shit and since she is “the shit”, I didn’t know if I could really do such a thing : /) I sent her an email..GLUP!

I was not expecting any kind of prompt response, not that she doesn’t get back to her fans (or by now she probably thinks I am some psycho stalker) but, I was kinda thinkin more along the lines of – maybe I crossed a line? NO! This freakin fantastical woman made my life…minus three points (sorry, with all due respect, my children and my husband really should come first!) Anyway, not only did she comment on MY post, she linked ME to HER blog, she is following MY blog, and…and..and..SHE is following ME!!!!! Colleen Hoover, who has exceeded “Super Hero Worship Status” in my book, is a fan of ME! GAH.. I don’t have enough adjectives (not even made up adjectives) to describe how EFFFING excited I am right now!

Because my mind is a “Butterflying” (her word, not mine) haze right now, all I can come up with is the extremely over used term, EPIC!! This day is EPIC, covered in amaze and awesome sauce and not to mention amaze-balls!!!! (follow’ll get it!)